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Stemi 305

Discover the Stemi 305, your go-to compact stereo microscope suitable for various settings, be it the biology classroom, research laboratory, or industrial shop floor. With its 5:1 zoom, it offers flexibility and precision. Choose from predefined microscope sets tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal illumination for your applications. The Stemi 305 allows you to observe samples in their true form, presenting them in vivid 3D and high contrast without any preparation required. Experience the benefits of an easy-to-use microscope equipped with integrated LED illumination for both reflected and transmitted light, along with fast and straightforward documentation.

Capture and Share with Ease

With the integrated 1.2 Megapixel Wi-Fi camera, you can effortlessly capture your images and share them using Labscope, the iPad imaging app. Alternatively, opt for the conventional phototube to access the full range of ZEISS Axiocam cameras and the free ZEN lite imaging software. Whether you prefer wireless convenience or traditional methods, the Stemi 305 offers seamless documentation options for your lab work, industrial inspections, or engaging science courses. It empowers you to save, share, and collaborate on projects with colleagues, friends, or classmates.

All-in-One Convenience

The Stemi 305 embodies an all-in-one design that combines compactness and functionality. Simply plug it in, switch it on, and you're ready to go. No additional accessory boxes or cables cluttering up your workspace. Illuminating your object, focusing, and capturing images become effortless tasks. The Stemi 305 cam, with its onboard Wi-Fi camera, allows you to store your results easily and share them with others. When work is done, you can store the microscope away, and within minutes, you can take it out and start your next project.

Integrated and Wireless Documentation

Documentation plays a crucial role in various fields, from laboratories to classrooms to industrial inspections. The Stemi 305 offers two documentation options to suit your needs. Choose the Stemi 305 trino with a conventional phototube for access to ZEISS Axiocam microscope cameras and the free ZEN lite imaging software. Alternatively, opt for the Stemi 305 cam with its integrated camera and Wi-Fi router. With the Labscope iPad imaging app, you can create your own virtual classroom, streaming live images from multiple microscopes to connected iPads. It enables easy sharing, comparison, and discussion of students' work within your wireless network.

Crisp Illumination for Every Application

Despite its user-friendly design, the Stemi 305 ensures optimal illumination for every specimen. With a simple button press, you can select and combine up to two reflected light contrasts and transmitted light options. Each zoom body comes with near-vertical lighting to illuminate sample recesses, while the interchangeable second reflected light and transmitted light units allow for predefined microscope sets tailored to education, laboratory, or industrial use. The Stemi 305's white LEDs produce bright daylight-like illumination, enhancing image clarity, while their long-life and maintenance-free nature ensures quiet operation and energy efficiency.

Experience the convenience, versatility, and superior imaging of the Stemi 305, an exceptional stereo microscope designed to elevate your scientific endeavors.

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