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Examine Living Cells with Speed and Efficiency

Discover the fascinating world of living cells and evaluate their development effortlessly using ZEISS Primovert, a compact inverted microscope designed specifically for your cell culture laboratory. With Primovert, you can quickly and efficiently investigate unstained cells in phase contrast as well as GFP-labeled cells in fluorescence contrast. Its compact design allows for seamless integration into your laminar flow cabinet, enabling you to work directly in a sterile environment.

Enjoy Enhanced Flexibility with Integrated Camera and Labscope App

Primovert offers a remarkable level of flexibility with its integrated camera and the Labscope imaging app for iPad. Now you can observe your cells from outside the sterile working space and easily evaluate them alongside your colleagues. No need to worry about mounting adapters or adjusting settings—the integrated camera simplifies the process. Use your iPad and Labscope app to capture microscope images, record videos, create notes and reports, and even edit images. Share files with your team through your Windows network or collaborate wirelessly with colleagues. Alternatively, you can visualize the images on your monitor, projector, or laptop.

A Comprehensive Solution for Your Cell Culture Laboratory

Primovert is designed to streamline your daily work in the cell culture laboratory. With a convenient switch on the stand, effortlessly switch between phase contrast and fluorescence contrast modes, allowing you to evaluate both unstained and GFP-labeled cells seamlessly. Select the appropriate mounting frames to accommodate various receptacles such as petri dishes and well plates. When working with culture flasks, simply remove the condenser to increase the working distance. This compact inverted microscope perfectly fits into your laminar flow cabinet, ensuring a sterile working environment.

Ready-to-Use and User-Friendly

Primovert is always ready to meet your demands. Utilize the benchtop switch for easy on and off control, allowing you to start evaluating cells with utmost speed. The integrated LED fluorescence eliminates the need for warming up or cooling down, enabling immediate work. When idle, the microscope automatically shuts off after 15 minutes, conserving energy. Primovert is designed to be user-friendly, cost-effective, and ergonomic. Its ergotube allows you to find a comfortable working posture, whether standing or seated, ensuring relaxation and productivity even during long hours of use. Adjust the viewing angle to suit your individual needs and experience seamless operation with Primovert.

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