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Primostar 3

Make a Wise Investment Choice

When you choose ZEISS Primostar 3, you're opting for a robust microscope specifically designed and built for daily use in classrooms and routine labs. Constructed from solid materials, Primostar 3 ensures a mechanically stable and resilient microscope that will continue to operate smoothly even after years of intensive use. This built-in durability is further reinforced by our extended warranty of up to five years, offering you peace of mind. Primostar 3 is available in ready-to-use packages tailored to your specific application, ensuring you have the optimal configuration right out of the box. Simply unwrap it, plug it in, and start using it without any hassle.

Inspire Students in Your Digital Classroom

Imagine the advantages of having the microscope camera seamlessly integrated into the tube, offering a range of digital interface options. With ZEISS Labscope, our imaging app, you can connect multiple microscopes in your classroom, sharing images or videos with your students through HD monitors or projectors. By utilizing the Labscope Teacher software module, you can efficiently manage and organize your class. Experience the benefits of connected microscopes in a digital classroom, gaining insights into each student's work through your own iPad or PC. This saves you valuable time for teaching. And when it comes to online teaching, you can effortlessly connect your own microscope to your PC and share your images with all participants on the call.

Customize Your Microscope for Your Needs

Let your specific application guide your microscope configuration choice. The stable design of the full-Köhler version offers a range of clever features. You can choose between a 30-watt halogen bulb or an energy-saving LED bulb for consistent color temperature and illumination intensity. Additionally, you have the option to add a fluorescence tube, transforming your Primostar 3 into an LED fluorescence microscope. You can select contrasting techniques, suitable objective lenses, and ports for microscopic documentation based on your preferences. After a full day's work in the lab, you'll appreciate the user-friendly design of Primostar 3, featuring a long stage drive that allows you to work in a relaxed posture, while the double-slider holder enhances efficiency.

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