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Carl Zeiss has prioritized the development of high-performance optics in its latest entry-level model within the sophisticated stereomicroscope class. The SteREO Discovery.V8 showcases remarkable advancements in resolution, contrast, and, notably, an enhanced stereoscopic experience. It delivers unrivaled image brilliance, setting a new standard in its instrument class. It's time for a fresh perspective, unveiling a visible increase in information across all biomedical and industrial applications.

SteREO Discovery.V8 Highlights:

- Superior Ease of Use and Ergonomic Viewing Position

- 8:1 Zoom Range for Versatile Magnification

- Optics Design Optimized for Enhanced Image Information

- Manual Focusing Drive with Adjustable Click Stops

- Manual and Motorized Stands Offering High Stability

- Spacious Specimen Area with Ample Working Distance

- Wide Range of Illumination and Contrast Methods

Experience the SteREO Discovery.V8 and discover unparalleled performance, ergonomic functionality, and a new level of visual clarity that will transform your perspective in biomedical and industrial applications.

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