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Witness a new era in the demanding field of stereomicroscopy, as the SteREO Discovery.V20 sets a performance standard like never before. With a Zoom Factor of 20, it offers the broadest range of magnification, spanning from comprehensive overviews to intricate details. This microscope, crafted by Carl Zeiss, is a testament to pioneering the Common Main Objective (CMO) principle and represents a significant leap forward in the world of stereomicroscopy, building upon the foundation laid by the telescope principle.

The development of the SteREO Discovery.V20 has shattered the boundaries of conventional approaches. Based on cutting-edge technology and seamlessly integrated into the Carl Zeiss SteREO* generation series, this instrument delivers an impressive performance profile. It opens up new possibilities for precise observations and provides greater freedom in biology, medical, and industrial laboratories. 


• Planapochromatic corrected microscope bodies with an exceptional 20:1 zoom range

• High-end magnification of up to 345x (with 10x eyepiece)

• Maximum resolution of 1000LP/mm (with PlanApo S 2.3x objective)

• Unparalleled 3D effect, even at the highest magnifications

• Comfortable and reproducible operational and control concept with SyCoP

• Seamless integration into the modular system of the SteREO Discovery generation

Experience the revolution of magnification with the SteREO Discovery.V20, where boundaries are surpassed, and a new level of precision and freedom awaits in the realms of biology, medicine, and industry.

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