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Discovery V.12

Carl Zeiss, the renowned optical pioneer and creator of stereo microscopy, has channeled its extensive knowledge and expertise into developing a groundbreaking optical design for the SteREO.Discovery.V12, achieving remarkable success. The patented optics have set new standards in modular common main objective stereomicroscopy. With enhanced resolution and significantly increased contrast, they deliver 20% more image information, along with sensational 3D visuals.

Unmatched Flexibility: Intelligent Interfaces

The modular design of the SteREO Discovery.V12, characteristic of common main objective stereomicroscopes, offers unparalleled flexibility in component selection. Furthermore, intelligent interfaces empower the utilization of diverse options available in Carl Zeiss' comprehensive illumination and accessory program.

Unrivaled Documentation: AxioVision, the Microscope Software

AxioVision, the imaging software developed by Carl Zeiss, excels in processing, analyzing, and archiving microscopic images. Its modular software concept provides tailored solutions for all requirements, catering to everything from entry-level digital imaging to demanding imaging applications, ensuring superior documentation capabilities.

Experience the SteREO Discovery.V12 with its revolutionary optical concept, enjoy the flexibility offered by intelligent interfaces, and unleash the power of AxioVision software for unrivaled documentation of your microscopic world.

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