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Axiovert 5

Are you in need of a robust microscope for your lab that offers fast imaging and exceptional image quality? How about one that provides a satisfying experience during those long hours in the lab? Look no further than the ZEISS Axiovert 5, the smart inverted cell culture microscope designed to meet your needs effortlessly.

With Axiovert 5, all you have to do is focus on your samples and workflow. With the push of a button, you can capture crisp images for documentation. This smart microscope allows you to utilize standard contrasting techniques in transmitted light and combine them with multichannel fluorescence for in-depth investigations of your cell or tissue cultures. And here's the best part: when space is limited, you can even use this microscope as a standalone device and save your images directly to a USB stick. No additional computer or software is required.

Embrace Smart Microscopy.

ZEISS Axiovert 5 is truly intelligent, delivering excellent results with a fast time to image. Simply focus on your sample and press a single button to capture a sharp image of your cell or tissue culture. This smart microscope automatically adjusts the settings and parameters for transmitted light and multichannel fluorescence images. The overlayed multichannel fluorescence image includes the necessary scaling information, which is automatically saved.

Daily Routine

Axiovert 5 frees you from counting the hours. Its ergonomic user concept and clever features support you throughout your daily work. With easy access to all main controls, including the snap button, stage drive, focus adjustment, and brightness control, you can keep your focus on your sample. The light manager ensures uniform brightness at all magnifications, eliminating the need for manual adjustments to the lamp intensity when changing objectives. To enhance the speed and reliability of your cell procedures even further, consider the AI Cell Confluency and AI Cell Counting modules available in Labscope. These modules provide instant and reproducible information about your cells.

Choose a Future-Proof Live Cell Microscope.

From routine cell culture to research, Axiovert 5 seamlessly integrates into your lab and workflow. With various contrasting techniques such as DIC, iHMC, phase contrast, and multichannel fluorescence, it opens up a wide range of applications. By combining it with a compatible stage top incubator, you can even perform long-term live cell imaging. If your work requirements change over time, Axiovert 5 can adapt as well. With upgradeable hardware and software, this smart microscope will always remain your reliable lab partner.

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