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Axioscope 5

Capture Four Fluorescence Channels in a Single Click

Documenting fluorescent samples has never been easier. Combine the Axioscope 5 microscope with the advanced Colibri 3 LED light source and the high-performance Axiocam 202 mono microscope camera for seamless multi-channel fluorescence documentation. Effortlessly switch between UV, blue, green, and red channels. Simply select the desired channels and press Snap. The system takes care of the rest, automatically adjusting exposure times, capturing images, switching channels, and repeating the process. That's it! You'll obtain an overlayed multi-channel fluorescence image complete with a scale bar, all without the need for a PC.

Experience the Benefits of Smart LED Illumination 

The Axioscope 5 utilizes a powerful transmitted white light LED for illumination, ensuring high color fidelity and allowing you to observe subtle sample differences with clarity. Enjoy the advantages of LED illumination, including stable color temperature, low energy consumption, and long lifetime. With the Axioscope 5's light intensity manager, you'll have uniform brightness at all magnifications, eliminating the need to adjust lamp brightness when changing magnification levels. This saves you time and reduces eye fatigue.

Accelerate Your Digital Documentation with Smart Microscopy 

The Axioscope 5 streamlines your specimen documentation process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. The camera image accurately represents the color impression seen through the eyepieces. The intelligent Axioscope 5 system automatically adjusts brightness and white balance, making digital documentation effortless. Simply focus on your sample, press the ergonomic Snap button on the microscope, and you're done. Acquiring high-quality, color-accurate images has never been faster or easier thanks to the Axioscope 5.

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