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Axiolab 5

Effortless Digital Documentation

Axiolab 5 is designed specifically for the daily routine microscopy work in your lab. Its compact and ergonomic design saves valuable space and ensures easy handling. A true team player, Axiolab 5 can be combined with Axiocam 208 color to unlock the full potential of Smart Microscopy, offering you a completely new digital documentation experience. Just focus on your sample and press a single button to capture crisp, true-color images. The digital images faithfully represent what you see through the eyepieces, displaying all the details and subtle color differences. Axiolab 5 automatically adds the correct scaling information to your images. Best of all, it operates as a standalone system, eliminating the need for a PC or additional software. Save time, money, and valuable lab space with Axiolab 5. Digital documentation has never been easier.

Economical and Reliable Performance

Axiolab 5 is your cost-saving ally. It features an Eco mode that conserves energy and extends the lifetime of the illumination. LEDs, with their long lifespan, offer a more reliable alternative to conventional illumination systems. With LEDs, there's no need for warm-up or cool-down times, and you can bid farewell to lamp replacement and adjustment. Axiolab 5 also eliminates the need for an extra computer and software, further reducing costs and freeing up lab space. The Smart Microscopy concept ensures Axiolab 5 can be operated by both expert and non-expert users, guaranteeing quick access to reliable data. This efficient standalone system can seamlessly integrate into connected laboratory environments, seamlessly fitting into your multimodal workflows.

Clever Ergonomics for Enhanced Lab Work

Axiolab 5 offers an easy and ergonomic user concept tailored to your lab routine. With just one hand, you can access all the main controls, including the Snap button, stage drive, focus adjustment, and brightness control. Ergotubes and the adjustable height and torque stage handle provide a comfortable working position, even during prolonged use. The light manager ensures uniform brightness at all magnifications, eliminating the need for manual lamp intensity adjustments when changing objectives. Overall, Axiolab 5 streamlines and simplifies manual steps, enabling you to work more efficiently and comfortably.

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