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Axio Observer

Enhanced Flexibility for Your Research

Life sciences research is a dynamic and ever-changing field, and your imaging needs constantly evolve. With Axio Observer, you have a versatile companion that adapts to your requirements every step of the way. It offers a wide range of interfaces, from widefield transmitted light to convenient 3D sectioning with Apotome 3, and from sensitive super-resolution imaging with Elyra 7 or LSM 980 and Airyscan 2. You can choose the ideal incubation equipment and enjoy easy sample access for precise micromanipulation. The Axio Observer provides a wealth of integrated options, making it both versatile for your current needs and future-proof.

Improved Efficiency for Your Experiments

Experience a remarkable increase in efficiency with the automation functions of Axio Observer. You can utilize fast switchable LEDs or powerful and cost-effective white-light sources in combination with a fast filter wheel, offering you the highest spectral flexibility and speed. Choose the perfect camera from the dedicated ZEISS Axiocam portfolio or third-party suppliers to meet the image quality and speed requirements of your applications. With Definite Focus 3, focus drift during complex experiments becomes a thing of the past. Whether it's maintaining long-term imaging focus or adapting your objective to your sample, this highly organized system handles it all automatically.

Streamlined Workflow Guidance

Imaging becomes effortless when you utilize the AI Sample Finder, which automatically detects the sample carrier, adjusts the focus, and locates your desired sample region. Even low-contrast samples can be quickly captured with an overview image, allowing easy access to relevant regions with just a click. Reduce image acquisition time from minutes to seconds and start your experiments immediately. Let the Smart Setup and the Focus Strategy Wizard guide you through the experimental setup, providing intuitive selection of imaging modalities for your specific applications.

Seamless Integration with ZEN Connect

With ZEN Connect, you can easily combine acquired images with electron microscopy data and other modalities, expanding your analysis capabilities and gaining deeper insights into your samples. The integrated nature of Axio Observer and its compatibility with ZEN Connect streamline your workflow and ensure a seamless transition between imaging techniques.

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