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Zeiss Microscope Discovery V8

Zeiss Microscopes


Zeiss microscopes are built to last, with updated functions with each generation they are an investment for the future. Built from solid reliable parts and plenty of options, customisable to your project/application. 

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Zeiss Products
Zeiss Microscope Objective of Stemi 508

Zeiss Stereo Microscopes 

Zeiss stereo microscopes for lower magnification visualisation, perfect for viewing samples in 3D. Featuring the Zeiss Stemi 305, Stemi 508, Discovery.V20, Discovery.V12, Discovery.V8. Browse the full range here.

Zeiss Products
Axio Zoom V16.jpg

Zeiss Zoom Microscopes

Visualise samples at flexible magnifications using Zeiss’ zoom microscopes, featuring the Zeiss Axio Zoom 16. This high powered zoom body microscope features a bundle of automation and options for fluorescence.

Zeiss Products
Primovert Inverted Zeiss Microscope with Tablet

Zeiss Inverted Microscopes

Zeiss inverted microscopes, perfect for visualising live cells among other fields in a sterile environment. Featuring the Axiovert 5 with easy to use features such as a capture button for Zeiss Axiocam microscope cameras, the Primovert for streamlined imaging and the conserves for vast uses and features.

Zeiss Products
Axioscope 5 Zeiss Microscope

Upright Zeiss Microscopy 

For teaching or compact microscopy, the Zeiss Primostar 3 is the perfect choice. Streamlined to reduce complexity, the primo star allows its users to focus solely on the basics of microscopy without complexity.


Zeiss Axiolab 5, complete with an ergonomic design, packed full of features to make documentation easy. With a light manager and easy to use ergonomic controls.


Ideal for research, Zeiss Axioscope 5 with simple acquisition features and many options for applications such as fluorescence channels.  

Zeiss Products
axiocam-820-mono (2).JPG

Zeiss Axiocam Microscopy Cameras

Pair your Zeiss microscope with a microscope camera to streamline workflow. With dedicated buttons and features Zeiss microscope cameras make imaging even easier, most Zeiss microscopes link with the camera to capture images at one button press. 

Zeiss Axiocam 705 pol Microscope Camera

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Zeiss Microscopy Range

About Us

Indigo Scientific, UK seller of the universally renowned zeiss microscopes and macro-scopes. We have a dedicated team with over 20 years experience with zeiss microscope systems in the UK. 

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