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Stage Top Incubators: Live Cell Imaging

Stage top incubators from Okolab designed for almost any existing microscope setup. Offering stable and precise humidity, gas and temperature-control for the environment inside. With high-quality clear glass for imaging the contents of the incubator.


Okolab stage top incubators can run a temperature range from 25 °C. to 60°C, with regulated CO2 and O2 possible at specific humidity. Gas control can be achieved through CO2/O2 units or through pre-mixed volumes. Okolab stage top chambers can fit onto any microscope, fitting around existing hardware such as XY stage or piezo objectives. Okolab stage top incubation systems offer high-quality long-lasting setups.

Temperature Control

A stage top incubator can be paired with temperature control, such as the H301-T-UNIT-BL for control of the contents from 3°C above ambient to 60°C. With an accuracy of 0.1°C ensuring the sample inside is stable at these temperatures for live cell imaging.


CO2/O2 Control

CO2/O2 control for precise environmental control, perfect for cell growth experiments. Using the Bold Line Gas Controllers for control of CO2/O2 control with precision of 0.1%, adjustable flow rate control from OKO-Touch

Humidity Control

Humidity can be controlled by using Active Humidity Controllers, this humidity module can be used to achieve a range from 50% to 95% humidity. 


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