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Objective Heater - OKOLab

Utilizing an Objective Heater is crucial to maintain optimal sample temperature during microscopy experiments. Without it, the contact between the cold objective and the oil can cause a drop in sample temperature, as illustrated in the graph below. In Step 1, with the Objective Heater off and no contact between the objective and Petri 2, the temperature remains unaffected.

However, in Step 2, when the objective comes into contact with the oil and Petri 2 without the Objective Heater, the temperature decreases. To counter this, in Step 3, with the Objective Heater on and an offset value of 5.3°C, the temperature is regulated effectively. 

During the self-calibration routine, the offset value progressively increases until T2 reaches the desired set point temperature of 37.0°C. Figure 3 displays the temperature profiles of T1, T2, and the Objective Heater Temperature throughout the described experimental campaign. By incorporating an Objective Heater, you ensure consistent and precise sample temperature control for optimal microscopy results.


  • Temperature Controlled Heating Band

  • Fits any objective on the market.

  • Easy Installation Around Objective

  • Compatible with Inverted and Upright Microscopes

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