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Water Jacket Chamber - OKOLab

The Water Jacket Incubator revolutionises incubation stability, providing exceptional control both above and below room temperature. Utilising Water Jackets in both the base plate and lid, water is pumped from a water bath, ensuring precise temperature regulation. Temperature measurements are taken inside a reference Petri dish, allowing the Temperature Controller to adjust the set point temperature of the water bath for specimen stability within ± 0.1°C.


  • Temperature Range: From 10/15°C BELOW Room Temperature (depending on chamber model) to 60°C

  • Water Circulation: Efficient circulation in the bottom and lid of the chamber

  • Secure Positioning: Magnetic locks hold Petri dishes, slides, and MW plates in place

  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C in sample feedback mode, ± 0.3°C in chamber feedback mode

  • Interchangeable Magnetic Inserts: Versatility to accommodate Petri dishes, slides, and MW plates

  • Convenient inlet and outlet of tubes for fluid exchange

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