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CO2/O2 Controllers for Microscopes - OKOLab

The Bold Line Gas Controllers seamlessly connect to the Temperature Controller using a cable-less connector and are conveniently operated through the same user-friendly touch screen interface, OKO-TOUCH.

With a remarkable CO2 and/or O2 accuracy of ±0.1%, these controllers allow for precise control of gas concentrations, while also offering adjustable total output flow rates to suit specific experimental needs.

For optimal humidity control in conjunction with the Cage Incubation System, a vibration-free humidity module is typically utilised . However, when feedback-based humidity control is desired, the Active Humidity Controller can be easily connected to the Bold Line Gas Controller, providing enhanced humidity management capabilities.


  • CO2 accuracy: 0.1%

  • User-friendly Touch Screen Interface: OKO-TOUCH

  • Compatibility with Active Humidity Controller

  • Optional Data Logging via OKOLAB Data Log Software

  • Compatibility with NIS Elements, MetaMorph, Micromanager software

  • O2 accuracy: 0.1%

  • Adjustable Output Flow Rate controlled through OKO-TOUCH

  • Includes a dedicated inlet port for temperature sensors, allowing for sample feedback mode operation.

  • Optional compatibility with SMART BOX for data logging and remote operation

  • Compatibility with NIS Elements, MetaMorph, Micromanager software

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