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OKOLab Cage Incubator

OKOLab Incubator

Discover okolabs custom made high-quality cage incubators and microscope enclosures designed to provide optimal temperature control and ease of access to your microscope. Whether you need a cage incubator for inverted or upright microscopes, okolab have the perfect solution for you.

OKOLab Cage Incubator

Okolabs cage incubators are engineered to meet the demands of modern research and ensure precise temperature control for your samples. With a temperature range from 3°C above ambient to 45°C and an impressive temperature accuracy of 0.1°C on the sample, you can trust our incubators to deliver consistent and reliable results.

OKOLab Cage Enclosure Incubator

Designed specifically for microscope applications, Okolabs microscope cage incubators offer a secure and controlled environment for your experiments. They feature sliding doors on the front and side panels, providing full and easy access to your microscope whenever you need it. The removable front panel with turn-to-open hinges ensures convenient maintenance and setup.

OKOLab Vibration Free Humidity Module.jpg

OKOLab Cage Incubator Dark Panels

For imaging in a dark environment, our optional black panels can be added to the cage incubator at any time after purchase. These panels allow you to work with sensitive samples or perform fluorescence studies without external light interference.

OKOLab Cage Incubator Black Panneling

Microscope Enclosure Design Box

Okolabs microscope enclosure design box is crafted with precision and functionality in mind. It is constructed using polycarbonate panels to create a large volume around your microscope, providing excellent temperature control. The enclosure supports the microscope stage, nosepiece, and objectives while maintaining focus stability. By keeping all electronics outside the enclosure, we eliminate exposure to high temperatures, ensuring their longevity.

OKOLab Cage Incubator Custom Designs

Additional Features:

  • TTL signal compatibility, available upon request, for seamless integration with your existing setup.

  • An LED light with a foot pedal and dimmer is included to illuminate the enclosure, allowing for optimal visualization.

  • Add a Micro-Environmental Chamber for Humidity and CO2 (and/or O2) control to create an even more controlled environment for your samples. Our chambers are available for any XY stage and Piezo insert, providing flexibility and compatibility.

  • Control CO2 (and/or O2) levels with our Digital (Bold Line) or Manual Gas Controllers, ensuring precise control over the environmental conditions.

  • Choose between the Vibration-Free Humidity Module or Active Humidity Controller for humidity control, tailored to your specific experimental needs.


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