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Jenoptik Monochrome Cameras

Microscope cameras for Forensics Applications

Jenoptik Microscope Cameras for Bioscience

Microscope cameras in forensics is vital for high quality imaging for capturing evidence. Whether it be on a stereo microscope, comparator or macroscope. 

Key Features


High Pixel Count

A Digital Microscope Camera with a high pixel count is vital for imaging allowing at lower microscope magnifications. As well as giving an accurate measurement.


Capture your data fast and easy with high-speed microscope cameras, not just a fast camera but easy software is important. With Jenoptik digital microscope cameras Gryphax microscope camera software comes ready to easily store and organise data as well as measure lines, areas, and custom shapes.

The Jenoptik usb digital microscope cameras offer fantastic advantages for imaging in forensics why not have a look at our pick:


The Naos provides a large 1-Inch sensor with 20 megapixels to give an image large enough for performing forensic imaging.

Learn More about the Naos.


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