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Zeiss AxioCam 208 Colour Microscope Camera

Digital Microscope Cameras

Indigo Scientific provide a range of tested and proven microscope cameras from a variety of manufacturers such as Zeiss Microscope Cameras and Jenoptik Microscope Cameras with a broad range of specifications. Microscope Cameras that can be paired with almost any microscope, macroscope or application.

Jenoptik Microscope Cameras

Jenoptik Microscope Cameras

The Jenoptik Gryphax microscope camera range features a diverse range of specifications from teaching microscope system cameras to high performance fluorescence microscope capture systems. Each Jenoptik microscope camera has a robust aluminium body with a universal C-mount adapter to fit onto almost any microscope or application.​ Gryphax cameras can be paired with a bundled software that can perform measurement, stitching, z focus stacking and more.

Zeiss Microscope Cameras Axiocam 820 Mono

Zeiss Microscope Cameras

Zeiss microscope cameras offer a variety of interfaces, mounts and specifications for a variety of applications. With HDMI Microscope Cameras to highly sensitive 20 Mega pixel cameras for fluorescence applications.​Zeiss cameras come with a variety of software options, with ZEN microscopy software with many add-on packages for a variety of applications.

Life science microscope camera

Fluorescence Microscope Camera Applications

Fluorescence imaging requires a specific set of characteristics in a camera, Indigo Scientific has a range of cameras ideal for fluorescence applications. With high sensitivity and low noise, you can benefit from the advantages of cameras such as the Jenoptik Polaris or ZEISS Axiocam 712 mono.​​ ​For Larger areas and colour the Jenoptik Naos gives a 21 megapixel image with clarity for fluorescence imaging of multiple wavelengths. For capture in monochrome ZEISS' Axiocam 820 mono.

Industrial Microscope Camera Applications

Industrial and teaching cameras come at competitive prices while achieving high resolution and speeds. We offer 4K capable cameras such as the Jenoptik Gryphax Arktur and Axiocam 208 colour. With lower budget cameras such as the Axiocam 105 colour for simple routine imaging.


Jenoptik cameras offering Gryphax software with capability for reliable measurement on any microscope or macroscope setup. Zeiss cameras offering HDMI interfaces for direct viewing of the camera onto a larger screen and dedicated capture buttons.

Industrial Microscope camer
Axiocam 202 Mono HDMI Microscope Camera

Microscope Camera with HDMI and USB Outputs

Jenoptik cameras provide a stable and reliable USB 3.0 micro-B output on all there camera bodies. For stable and universal connection. 

Zeiss microscope cameras come paired with lots of different forms of connections such as USB. With cameras such as the Axiocam 202 mono being a HDMI microscope camera. This gives direct format images without the need of a PC.

Jenoptik Microscope Camera Work Station

Microscope Camera Software


Microscope Camera Macro Stands

Indigo manufacture custom macro stands for all types of microscope camera. For viewing specimens on a zoom lens, this unit comprises of a stand and lens with the option of using your existing camera or purchasing one of our brands at a discounted price with the bundle.


The stands sit on any worktop easily with a varying range of zoom from a few millimetres up to 20-30mm. For imaging larger objects easily before in depth analysis. 

Workstations for Microscope Cameras

In modern imaging a well paired computer can help smooth workflow dramatically, especially when it comes to imaging. Older or incorrect interfaces and specifications can cause higher drops in frames and poor usability in software packages.


With the correct interfaces, architecture and specifications for your camera with the software and driver installed ready to plug in and use. Indigo can ship a custom PC with the perfect hardware and software for your system. Contact us for more details.

Jenoptik microscope camera macro stand

Contact Our Microscope Camera Experts

We are here to answer any questions you may have about Microscope Cameras, Software or beyond. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.


Thank You!

Technical Information and Downloads

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