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Jenoptik Microscope Camera Workstation

Jenoptik Microscope Cameras

Jenoptik Microscope Cameras

UK Distributer of Jenoptik Microscope Camera

Jenoptiks advanced USB 3.0 Microscope Camera, designed to provide exceptional imaging performance and versatility for a wide range of applications. Jenoptiks CCD Microscope Cameras offer high image quality, ensuring accurate and detailed visualization of microscopic specimens. Whether you're an avid Linux, PC user or prefer the Mac operating system, Jenoptik Microscope Camera is compatible with these platforms, allowing seamless integration into your workflow. 


Equipped with a c-mount interface, our camera ensures easy attachment to various microscope systems, providing flexibility and convenience.

Jenoptik microscope cameras

Gryphax Software

Multi Platform

Jenoptik microscope camera software for PC, Linux and Mac . Jenoptik also provide an SDK for development in C++ and Python.

Ease of use

Gryphax USB microscope camera software can be used by not only the most avid of user, but can be used by students. Gryphax versatility allows for both students, researchers and industry users to easily operate.

Advanced Features

Jenoptik Gryphax digital microscope camera software provides and easy way to perform otherwise complex functions (such as measurement and counting).

Reliability and Image Quality

Long term solutions

Jenoptik CCD microscope cameras are built to last with a thick aluminium casing and USB 3.0 interfaces, Jenoptik Microscope Cameras are built to last.

Image Quality

High quality images throughout the Jenoptik Gryphax range. With a selection from a highly sensitive fluorescence microscope camera to a true colour camera. View the Gryphax Range.

Perfect Match

Diverse range

Jenoptik Gryphax cameras have a large range, from academic cameras to flagship true colour cameras. Finding a camera that suits your application will not be a hard task with Jenoptik. Get in touch for us to help pick one out for you.


Jenoptik C-Mount Microscope Camera range are compatible with most existing microscopes. They are perfect as an Inverted Microscope Camera, Stereo Microscope Camera or even on a custom system.

Software Inclusivity

Jenoptik have integrated Gryphax cameras into MicroManager, Twain and more. Giving you diverse flexibility when using this camera in advanced projects. 

Jenoptik Microscope Camera Workstation

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Relabiliy and Image Qualiy
Pefect Match
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