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HREM Users

Welcome to the Users Location page for High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) by Indigo Scientific. Here, we celebrate the global reach and impact of HREM by showcasing the locations where researchers and scientists are utilizing this cutting-edge imaging technique. From renowned universities and research institutions to biotechnology companies and medical centres, our users span the globe, contributing to scientific advancements in diverse fields. Explore the interactive map to discover the wide-ranging applications of HREM and the global network of scientists who trust Indigo Scientific for their imaging needs. Join the community of HREM users and witness the worldwide impact of this powerful microscopy method in driving ground-breaking discoveries.

Dijon, France
University of Missouri
Kansas, USA
The University of Queensland
Queensland, Australia
University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
Westlake Institute for Advanced study
Hangzou, China
University of Nottingham
Nottingham, UK
Volcani Centre
DPAG Oxford
SFR Necker
Paris, France
Francis Crick Institute
London, UK
Indigo Scientific HQ
Herts, UK
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