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HREM Examples

Welcome to our examples page, showcasing the power of High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) and the incredible possibilities it offers for visualizing biological specimens. Here, you'll find a collection of user and self-generated data, revealing the intricate details and structures captured through this cutting-edge imaging technique

HREM - Embryo
HREM Catfish
HREM Catfish
HREM Fish Erode
HREM Fish Erode
HREM Fish Heart Erode
Fly Body
Fly Head
Inner Ear
HREM Head/Ear Fly Through
HREM Mouse Embryo Head Stack
HREM - Plant Demo 2
HREM Eye Example
HREM Head Example
HREM Stack Fly Through
HREM Stack Fly Through
HREM - Mouse Heart Isolated
HREM - Embryo Mouse Heart 2
HREM - Mutant Mouse Embryo
HREM - Plant Demo
HREM - Mouse Heart Sample
HREM - Fly Stack
HREM - Fish Sample
HREM Chicken Embryo Heart
HREM - Conjoined Twins