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Indigo Scientific designs and manufactures serial block face imaging instruments consisting of a custom made automated microtome, optical platform (compound optics or zoom optics) and Auxiliary systems such as a scanning XY stage and an electrical focus unit.

Serial Block Face Imaging
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Serial Block Face Imaging

Serial block face imaging involves sectioning a block (made of resin, or other embedding mediums) and capturing the resultant image left at the top of the block face. Doing this throughout the entire block will lead to a perfectly aligned stack of images.

Heart Embedded in resin for Serial Block Face Imaging
3D Imaging of a Zebrafish

3D imaging technique

Serial block face imaging gives a perfect way to capture 3D datasets with high-resolution in the XY plane. Images can be combined in a stack to then create a 3D dataset of high resolution 2D images that often have to be scaled down to be able to be visualized.

HREM High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy

HREM is an imaging staining technique that gives crisp images for morphological study, view our dedicated HREM page. HREM also uses serial block face imaging but with custom filter sets and light sources as well as some hardware changes to produce the images.

HREM Heart

Indigo Scientific Imaging Systems

Indigo produces two dedicated instruments for block face imaging, the Ultra and Micro. These two systems are shipped being able to perform HREM but just require a few simple changes to perform other methods of serial block face imaging.

HREM Micro Serial Block Face Imaging

HREM Micro

HREM Micro is a small form factor serial block face imaging instrument designed for straightforward imaging of samples. With no variable zoom and fixed positioning this unit is a workhorse for imaging sample after sample easily. HREM micro has a field of view dependent on request. Sectioning performed down to 1 micron (lower can be performed but performance may differ).

HREM Ultra Serial Block Face Imaging

HREM Ultra

HREM Ultra is our flagship serial block face imaging system with a scanning stage and 30mm (more available on request) of sample height this instrument gives an easy platform for imaging samples. HREM Ultra comes standard with a custom designed microtome for serial block face imaging, an extraction system for section removal and much more. This unit can also image more than one sample in one experiment, as well as different channels and stitching. Sectioning performed down to 1 micron (lower can be performed but performance may differ).

Pricing and Options

Contact Indigo Scientific for a HREM Price, each model comes with many different options for a variety of applications.

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