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Split Mould for Embedded Samples

PTFE Split Moulds for Resin Samples 

Split moulds simplify the resin sample preparation process, offering reusable, high-quality plastic construction.

Designed for compatibility with even the most demanding reactions, these moulds feature water-resistant nuts and bolts, assuring that your sample can be easily removed from the mould. Crafted with high-temperature resistance and non-bonding properties, these moulds endure many sample rounds. Available in various sizes, our moulds are 

meticulously designed, crafted, and shipped to order. 

Prior to completion, we provide you with all the necessary drawings and information to ensure the resultant block meets your exact specifications.

These moulds are compatible with commonly used HREM sample plastics such as Technovitand JB-4. With a perfect split down the middle and secure metal fasteners, our moulds facilitate effortless extraction of resin blocks, accommodating samples of all sizes without the risk of breakage.

Sizes avaliable on request.

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