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HREM Ultra

HREM Ultra for High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy 

HREM Ultra represents the pinnacle of our technological prowess in high-resolution episcopic microscopy. Standard-equipped with an XY stage, this unit is purposefully designed for the seamless imaging of a minimum of 2 samples per experiment.

  • Fluorescence:HREM Ultra offers the option for multiple fluorescent imaging, with user-friendly software-controlled lights and filters that simplify the process of capturing multiple fluorescent channels simultaneously.

  • Blade Versatility:Enjoy the flexibility of using two different blades - a larger standard tungsten carbide 160mm blade and any smaller microtome blade suitable for polymer cutting, providing adaptability to your specific needs.

  • Expanded Imaging Range:HREM Ultra can move an impressive 70mm in the Z direction, and it boasts a maximum field of view of 30mm in both the X and Y directions. This field of view can be extended by utilizing our custom-made stitching and XY scanning system, engineered for minimal vibration and exceptional repeatability, exclusively designed for the HREM technique.


Optic Type: Fixed Compound or Whole Zoom Body Optics

Field of View (lowest magnification): 30mm (expandable with scanning)

Light Configuration: Single Morphological Channel (HREM)

Moveable Z Range: Maximum 70mm

Blade Type: 60-80mm Slim Type + 160mm Thick Type

Extraction Unit: Vacuum

Sample Positioning Control (X/Y): High Precision Fast Indigo XY

Maximum Samples: 4

Control Software: HREM Acquire

Camera: 20-21 Megapixels 1-Inch Camera with Advanced Camera Control (Image Inversion and Stitching)

Optional Features:

Electronic Focus

Dual/Multi Light Configurations with Filter Sliders/Wheels

Multiple Sample Holders (1, 2, 4+)

Custom Sample Holders for Larger Blocks

Custom Sample Chucks for Larger Samples

Adaptation and Integration with Other Technologies

Contact us today for a price, quote or techncal information.

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