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HREM Micro

HREM Micro for High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy - Straight Forward Serial Imaging

The HREM Micro is a compact imaging solution engineered for laboratories seeking a streamlined approach to high-resolution episcopic microscopy. Tailored for smaller labs, it offers all the essential features required for HREM imaging without the intricacies.

  • Integration With its compact design, the HREM Micro easily finds its place on any desk. The microtome, reduced in size by 50%, ensures efficient single-sample imaging.

  • Optical Precision This system boasts a straightforward imaging setup that delivers image stacks with a maximum optical field of 22mm and a Z height of 25mm.

  • Blade Versatility The HREM Micro accommodates smaller 60-80mm microtome blades, firmly secured in a blade holder designed for universal compatibility, minimizing cutting vibrations.


Optical Type: Fixed Compound or Zoom Optics

Field of View (Lowest Magnification): 22mm

Light Configuration: Single Morphological Channel (HREM) or 1 Custom Channel

Moveable Z Range: Maximum 25mm

Blade Type: 60-80mm Slim Type

Extraction Unit: Vacuum

Sample Positioning Control (XY): Manual Screws

Maximum Samples: 1

Control Software: HREM Acquire

Camera: 20-21 Megapixels 1-Inch Camera (Basic Image Control for Exposure, Contrast, and Gain)

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