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HREM High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy Imaging products, browse all products related to HREM here. For more information Contact Us for a Price, or to know more.

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HREM Ultra

Advanced Serial Imaging

HREM Ultra, our flagship model for high-resolution episcopic microscopy. Explore the advantages of block face imaging with an XY stage for scanning and multi-specimen capture. 

With up to 4 block imaging and explore samples and configurations with dual/multi-fluorescence setups. HREM Ultra is designed to accommodate both small and large blades, offering a comprehensive solution for cutting-edge 3D imaging.

HREM Ultra

Split Moulds for HREM Samples

Split Moulds , crafted from reusable, high-quality plastic designed for compatibility with demanding reactions. 

Featuring water-resistant nuts and bolts, high-temperature resistance, and non-bonding properties, moulds ensure easy extraction, accommodating various sizes without breakage. 

Split Mould for Embedded Samples

In Line Macro Focus

An Inline Electronic Adjustable focus unit designed for most macro units. This electronic focus sits above the light output path of the macroscope and just below the camera.

In Line Macro Focus

Linear 4 Position Filter Slider

Fast, reliable filter changing system. With little mechanical parts this slider is designed for fast transitions.

Linear Filter Slider

HREM Micro

Straight Forward Serial Imaging

HREM Micro, a high-resolution episcopic microscopy instrument designed for straight forward serial imaging. With its compact footprint, the micro is builtd for single sample capture, featuring a simple 1-axis translation for both sample and blade. 

HREM Micro is designed with simplisity in mind, with a single HREM channel and compatibility with smaller blades for optimal 3D imaging.

HREM Micro

Chuck Based for HREM Mounted Resin Samples

HREM Mounting Bases for resin samples. These custom chucks featire unique grooves that securely hold resin specimens during capture.

Standard sizes, like the 25mm variant, offer a cost-effective way to mount and section specimens seamlessly. Compatible with all Indigo custom split moulds, these chucks ensure a perfect fit and adaptability for your specific needs.

Resin Chuck for Mounted Samples

XY Scanning Stage for Episcopic Imaging 

Fast and efficient XY Scanning Stage for Episcopic Microscopes with 70mm of efficient, quiet movement.

XY Scanning Stage
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