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Custom Solutions

Indigo provides custom design and manufacture for your desired application. With proven skillsets we will work with you to deliver a system for your project.

We can provide a full system design and installation or simply a helping hand to complete a project, get in touch to see what we can do for you. Whatever the application developmental biology, industry, etc. get in touch.

Indigo Capabilities

Application Design

Indigo Scientific offers customized software application design services for R&D and prototyping of microscope-based systems, tailored to clients' specific requirements. Our expertise includes user-friendly interfaces, seamless system integration, data management, and analysis capabilities, ensuring reliable and high-performance software solutions.

Electronics System Design

Indigo Scientific provides comprehensive electronic system design services for R&D and prototyping of microscope-based systems, covering circuit design, PCB layout, and system architecture. Our expertise ensures the development of customized electronic solutions that seamlessly integrate with the microscope systems, meeting the specific requirements of academic and industrial research projects.

Hardware Design 

Indigo Scientific provides comprehensive hardware design services for R&D and prototyping of microscope-based systems. Their expertise includes CAD/CAM capabilities, allowing for the visualization, design, and fabrication of hardware components, ensuring accurate and precise manufacturing of prototypes for academic and industrial research projects.

Optical Design

Indigo Scientific offers specialized optical design services for R&D and prototyping of microscope-based systems. With their expertise, they can design and optimize optical components and systems, ensuring optimal performance and imaging capabilities for academic and industrial research projects.

 Indigo Scientific for R&D Prototyping

Comprehensive R&D and prototyping services

Indigo Scientific offers a comprehensive range of services for R&D and prototyping of microscope-based systems. They provide expertise in software development, electronic design, and CAD/CAM capabilities, allowing you to turn your prototype ideas into reality.

Customized solutions

Indigo Scientific understands that every research project or industrial application is unique. We work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and tailor their services accordingly. From software development to electronic design and CAD/CAM, Indigo Scientific can create customized solutions that meet your exact needs.

Seamless integration

Indigo Scientific ensures seamless integration between the different components of microscope-based systems. Whether it's software integration, electronic design, or mechanical aspects, their team excels at creating solutions that work together seamlessly, reducing compatibility issues and ensuring smooth functionality.

Collaboration and support

Indigo Scientific values collaboration and works closely with clients throughout the R&D and prototyping process. They encourage open communication, actively seeking feedback and incorporating client inputs into the development of microscope-based systems. Their team provides excellent support, ensuring that you have guidance and assistance at every stage of the project.

Expertise in microscope-based systems

Indigo Scientific specializes in developing systems that integrate microscopes into various research and industrial applications. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in this field make them an ideal choice for academic and industrial research projects that require microscope-based solutions.

Innovation-driven approach

Indigo Scientific is committed to innovation and staying at the forefront of technology. They actively encourage and foster innovative ideas, helping clients explore new possibilities in microscope-based systems. By choosing Indigo Scientific, you benefit from their culture of innovation and their expertise in transforming ideas into functional prototypes.

High-quality software development

Indigo Scientific's software development capabilities are top-notch. They can create custom software solutions for controlling and analyzing data from microscope-based systems. Their software is designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and reliable, enabling researchers and industrial professionals to extract meaningful insights from their experiments or applications.

Fast turnaround and short lead times

Indigo Scientific understands the importance of time-sensitive R&D and prototyping projects. They are known for their ability to deliver fast turnaround and short lead times, ensuring that you can accelerate your research or development process. By choosing Indigo Scientific, you can rely on their efficiency and commitment to meeting tight deadlines.

Why Choose Indigo
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