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Product Overview

pE 800 microscope illumination system, consisting of 8 channels across wavelengths 365nm to 740nm. Each channel can be individually controlled in intensity and mixed with other channels to provide the exact light output required.

The pE 800 comes with existing software control that enables the  light source to be controlled and automated through a single USB cable. Not only this but software can be easily made to integrate this light source.

pE 800 series comes into two models, the standard model and the pE 800 Fura.

The standard model comes with standard 365 to 750 nm wavelength. While the Fura spans a wavelength of 340 to 635 nm with specific LEDs covering the range of 340 to 380 nm, with UV specific optics. The Fura is designed for pH imaging, calcium imaging, ratiometric assessment as well as standard fluorescence.

Both models are connected to an existing or new setup with a liquid light guide and appropriate adapters/ collamaters. All can be supplied with purchase of the illuminator.

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