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CoolLED Illumination

Indigo Scientific provide high quality microscope illumination systems by CoolLED illumination. CoolLED provide microscope illumination at varying wavelengths and models for imaging without the downsides of traditional illumination sources such as health hazards and costs.

CoolLED products consist of single wavelength LED systems such as the pE-100 and pT-100 to the pE-4000 with 16 LEDs at varying wavelengths.

CoolLED microscope illumination systems cover almost every microscopy application. CoolLED illumination can be used for a fluorescence microscope illumination setup and transmitted illumination.

Coolled illumination provides some major benefits over traditional illumination technologies. LED technology have a much longer lifespan, with parts built to last tens of thousands of hours, on the other hand halogen lamps last maximum 2000 hours. LED lights can be triggered on and off almost instantly, but halogen lamps require a ramp up time and then the control of a shutter to open or close.

Increased lifespan compared to mercury based illuminators.

Lifetime costs and maintenance much cheaper than traditional microscope illumination systems

Little to no ramp up time compared to traditional microscope illuminators

Better for the environment, choosing LED based systems will help reduce your carbon footprint over mercury systems

Coolled pE-4000 with Controller

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