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Jenoptik Gryphax Altair microscope camera for education imaging. The Altair is the perfect tool for a teaching microscope or an AV lab, one of the highest quality, colour, teaching cameras available with a 1/1.75” sensor and high resolution 12 megapixel imaging.

Mega Pixels
Pixel Width (Microns)
Pixel Height (Microns)
Sensor Size
12.0 Megapixel
16 Bit Colour

Full Description

Altair Jenoptik Gryphax Camera for education, with a 1/1.75-inch 12-megapixel Sony back illuminated sensor for visualising samples on any microscope old or new.

With a resolution of up to 12 megapixels, the Altair’s images can be displayed on larger monitors or projectors. With resolutions below:

1000 x 750 (0.75 megapixels @ 20fps)

2000 x 1500 (3 megapixels @ 20fps)

4000 x 3000 (12 megapixels @ 20fps)

Enjoy cost-efficient imaging with all the benefits of a more expensive microscope camera. Such as Gryphax software, as well as the streamlined processing for high quality images such as HDR.

Interface and Connections

Jenoptik cameras come in a tough aluminium frame, this case is solid unlike other cameras and can help increase the longevity of the camera. With a photocoupler trigger out for non-interference output for TTL signals. 

Each camera has the same case and appearance, with a common C-Mount adapter to connect. Each camera uses a high throughput USB 3.0 interface, this ensures both flexibility and interface longevity.

Couplers and Connectors

With each camera purchase we will supply you with an adapter to fit the existing setup. Simply provide your current camera, microscope and any other information and we can supply all needed to get imaging with the new camera.

Contact Our Microscope Camera Experts

Indigo Scientific can help decide on a camera for your application, why not get in touch for a commitment free conversation with our camera specialist.


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