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AV Lab Teaching Systems

We provide a comprehensive supply and installation service, integrating microscopes and microscope imaging / cameras with your Audio Visual System, including large HD projectors, multiple screens, large, high-resolution, wall monitors, and laptop integration for presentations.

AV Systems

Whether you need to upgrade existing facilities or require a complete new system, Indigo Scientific only supplies and installs equipment to the highest, most up-to-date audio visual standards. We ensure the final solution is easy to use, and professionally installed - customer care is at the heart of what we do.


Integration is a vital requirement to ensure that your lab Audio Visual System operates to the full, both now and in the future.

Future-proofing in the fast-changing world of Audio Visual systems is a necessity, and we ensure that possible future requirements are considered in the system design as a whole.

One-stop shop

As a supplier of microscopes, microscope cameras, imaging systems and laboratory instruments as well as Audio Visual Systems including all components, Indigo Scientific hold a unique position in the market place - a one stop shop for all Audio Visual Laboratory Imaging Systems.

We provide thoughtful integration of all aspects of Audio Visual Lab Teaching Systems.

For example, integration of imaging, such as microscopes and microscope cameras with multiple, large, display monitors, superb, high-definition projectors and "hide away", ceiling-mounted, large screens.

Working with you

We work with your on-site experts and buildings staff to ensure your new AV system is a fully integrated, supported and professional component of your teaching facility.


As new facilities are built globally it is our goal to supply the best, most flexible solutions to meet the needs of modern teaching facilities in the UK, Europe and throughout the world.

Why Choose Indigo Scientific for R&D Prototyping

Expertise in science audiovisual (AV) systems

Indigo Scientific specializes in science audio visual lab systems, understanding the unique requirements and challenges of scientific applications. Our expertise in AV technology ensures that you receive optimal solutions for your scientific research and presentations.

Cutting-edge technology

Indigo Scientific stays at the forefront of AV technology, providing access to the latest advancements in audio and visual equipment. Their AV systems incorporate high-quality audio visual components, ensuring superior sound reproduction, image clarity, and resolution for scientific presentations and data visualization.

Reliable and robust solutions

Indigo Scientific ensures seamless integration between the different components of microscope-based systems. Whether it's software integration, electronic design, or mechanical aspects, their team excels at creating solutions that work together seamlessly, reducing compatibility issues and ensuring smooth functionality.

Customized AV solutions

Indigo Scientific offers customized AV solutions tailored to the specific needs of scientific laboratories. They work closely with clients to understand their requirements and design AV systems that seamlessly integrate with existing equipment, providing an efficient and tailored solution.

Seamless integration with laboratory equipment

Indigo Scientific is committed to innovation and staying at the forefront of technology. They actively encourage and foster innovative ideas, helping clients explore new possibilities in microscope-based systems. By choosing Indigo Scientific, you benefit from their culture of innovation and their expertise in transforming ideas into functional prototypes.

Technical support and maintenance

Indigo Scientific offers comprehensive technical support and maintenance services for their AV systems. Their dedicated support team is available to address any technical issues, provide guidance, and ensure the smooth operation of your AV lab systems. They also offer regular maintenance to keep your equipment in optimal condition.

Why Choose Indigo
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